Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stevie J Enjoyed the 4th of July And We Have The Pics To Prove It!

Stevie Stevie J started the day off on a semi-positive note by tweeting "The thing about me is I only love my kids, everything else is smoking mirrors. #poofbgone" ....Following a few more meaningless tweets he posted the above pic of him and son, Dorian, poolside. Stevie J is looking festive and stylish in his American flag print tank and Ed Hardy kicks.

Meanwhile over in Joseline's world she was tweeting this pic of her view from a plane saying..... "I'm up and out here!" #Miami

Next Stevie reminded us of how he rolls tweeting the above pic saying, "BBOD Bitch!" .......As if we were ever in doubt that he kept bad bitches on deck but OK Stevie. Evidently he is developing some new talent with a 2012 sound and a 80s look. Coloblocking is definitely a trend but the jury is still out on this look.

 Later on in the day Stevie J tweeted this pic (above) 0f himself saying..."Wake up!"

And then a little while later Stevie tweets a pic of Mimi (above), mother to his daughter Eva, saying "Look at Mrs. Obama/Jordan"...Although Mimi may act completely clueless when it comes to Stevie, she definetly knows what time it is when it comes to looking like she belongs with a boss. That hair is on point girl, get it!

Then about a hour later Stevie J tweeted this pic of Joseline above heading out in Miami....saying "Miami.....take one! Let's go!".....While her American flag printed pants are cute we are not feeling the entire ensemble together. Posting the two pics  of each girl back to back, and seeing their personal style off camera, makes clear that this is a case of the hoe and the housewife. Good luck with that Stevie!

Here's more....

This pic (below) from July 1st that Joseline posted of her posing with Stevie J and his son Dorian. The pic is also currently her twitter profile picture. She's clearly trying to send a message to the other women in Stevie's life, this chick won't quit. I don't know...looks like Joseline is working her way into the fam!

This dude just doesn't quit! no matter how you may feel about how he handles his "relationships" you have to say dude is entertaining. I hope Love & Hip Hop NY is taking notes cause they are going to have to pull some tricks out to top this guy and the ratings he brings in. It doesn't look like Joseline is going anywhere so the saga is sure to continue for a season 2!

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